Website Development

Content Management

Top Reasons You Should Use A CMS

1) You can make updates to your site on your own terms

2) No HTML coding knowledge? Not a problem!

3) Redesigning your site doesn’t require complete site overhauls

4) Access the most secure up-to-date web functions

5) Manage the internet marketing strategy under one system

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Custom Web Development

Why Custom Develop vs. Themes

1) It ranks well in the search engines

2) You get ongoing support from web professionals

3) Redesigning your site doesn’t require complete site overhauls

4) It screams higher quality, sophistication and uniqueness

5) It shows that you’re serious about your business

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eCommerce Development

Why A Open Source eCom Platform?

1) Open Source platforms quality of coding

2) Much lower cost especially for a newer startup

3) Flexibility to use other developers on the system

4) It screams higher quality, sophistication and uniqueness

5) Reliability with the community looking for flaws in the code

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Mobile Website Design

Considerations for Mobile Designs

1) Make Fonts Legible

2) Have Page Load Speed Fast

3) Use Relevant Cross Linking

4) Avoid Heavy Widgets & Content

5) Don’t Make Tiny Buttons!

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Organic Onpage SEO

What is Onpage SEO Anyway?

1) Keeping Up on Search Algorithm Changes

2) Performance & Speed of Website

3) Mastering Page Indexation Issues

4) Enhancing Page Discovery on Site

5) Building Page Keyword Density

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Theme Redesigning

Why Change My Sites Theme?

1) Your Color Palette is Bad

2) The Current Theme isn’t Responsive

3) Bad Branding Efforts Last Time

4) Currently Everything Loads Real Slow

5) High Bounce Rates & Members Not Returning

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Website Design

Web Design Tips for Improvement

1) Respect the Fold

2) Make Use of Site Buttons & No Flash

3) Design Every Page as if a Landing Page

4) Pay Photographers & Not Stock Image Sites

5) Give Visitors Breathing Room & Rid Clutter

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Website Graphics

Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

1) Not Proofreading Your Work

2) Adding Dropshadows on Logos

3) Making Poor Typography Choices

4) Building Images in Raster Format

5) Making Everything Perfectly Symmetrical

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Website Maintenance

Why Pay For Web Maintenance?

1) Cheaper then hiring for one off projects usually

2) Ongoing code changes noted in search engines

3) You always have a professional working for you

4) Ongoing tweaks make customers happy

5) Change, Measure, Change Again

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Internet Marketing

Affiliate Program Setup

Why Use a Affiliate Program?

1) No Need to Employ Huge Sales Staff

2) Don’t Pay for Ads that Don’t Work

3) Low Starting Price to Begin

4) More Likely Customers Find Your Products

5) Vast Increase of Site Traffic

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Content Distribution

Maximize Your Content Distribution

1) Make it shareable for users

2) Syndicate your feeds

3) Rework & Reuse your content

4) Test Every Channel

5) Find super-niche communities

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Display Advertising

Top Tips for Display Ads

1) Design Ads To Complement Targeted Sites

2) Split Test Your Ads

3) Most Animated Ads Died Last Century

4) Use Placement Exclusions Where Needed

5) Test Numerous Targeting Methods

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Local Search SEO

Local SEO Performance Tips

1) Have Different locations? Create different landing pages!

2) Optimize for geo-targeted keywords

3) Get listed in local directories

4) Get your site rated & reviewed

5) Claim your spot on Google My Business

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Newsletter Create & Deploy

Tips for Maximizing Your Click Rates

1) Always keep paragraphs short

2) Include privacy & Opt-Out information

3) Don’t put any vital information in an image

4) Keep the layout simple – KISS

5) Create a sense of urgency by setting a deadline

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On Page & Off Page SEO

Popular Off-Page SEO Strategies

1) Answer Questions for Backlinks

2) Business Reviews & Local Listings

3) Viral  Content Creation & Submission

4) Make Use of Social Bookmarking

5) Blog, Directory & Forum Marketing

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PPC Paid Search Ads

Why Use Paid Search?

1) Identify Competitors in your Industry

2) Get Additional Content Ideas

3) Paid Links + Organic Links = Clicks

4) Keyword Research for Expansion

5) Leverage Compelling Copy that Works

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Social Media Optimization

What’s Social Media Optimization?

1) Make your content unique at each network

2) Reusing content to combat a decreasing ROI

3) A focus on being more social

4) Make your content shareable

5) Engage with top influencers

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Web Analytic Reporting

Use Web Analytics to Convert?

1) Find out which calls to action generate the most interest

2) Learn where visitors are landing on site

3) Use demographics data to target your audience

4) Track where traffic is coming from & on what devices

5) Pay attention to bounce rates to see where you’re losing visits

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