We can assist with many of your web development or online marketing needs. We specialize in WordPress development projects but can perform custom web and portal development in other languages as well to best suite your needs. PHP is the preferred web language for your next project and we love Linux servers the best. Our web developers code on internet projects ranging from small web sites to large web-based applications. We can also provide graphic design of themes, ongoing monthly updates and/or consulting services for your next website development project.

NJ Web Services Company

We have helped numerous clients since 1999 in bringing creative marketing strategies and full scale web sites plus our own few national brands over the years as One of a Kind Internet by Stephen Stankiewicz and his team. Stephen utilized freelancing sites using Rentacoder.com now Freelancer.com to generate business in which bringing his  account profile up to being ranked in the Top 1% coders out of 375,000+ others. Recently was part of the Nibbler Silktide Web Coder Skills Challenge Ratings ranking in the Top 10 in US. Additionally, he worked for a few large Internet marketing SEO firms coding on Fortune 500 sites to deepen his skills while holding 7 different full time web marketing and development jobs over a 12 year period.

Read about some projects Steve was involved in that weren’t under non-disclosure like the Search Engine he created and ran from 2001 to 2007 or his run with his 20,000 product auto part ecommerce store online for about 4 years. Thereafter, entering into the premium aftermarket domain sales world with a portfolio of a quality keyword domains. It all started in 1996 when Steve got his first WebTV learning about what HTML does and website coding was about.

Stephen Stankiewicz III

Stephen Stankiewicz III

CEO / Lead SEO Web Developer & Digital Marketer

"The truth is we really care about our customers’ online marketing and web development problems plus committed to going the extra mile to solve them."